Who can check out a hotspot?

  • DeWitt residents
  • rural Clinton County residents
  • CCPLA Contracting Cities


What is required to check out a hotspot?

  • a library account
  • current, working email address on file
  • account in "good standing," meaning with no overdue materials or unpaid charges
  • must present photo ID and valid library card number
  • to read, understand, sign agreement


How many hotspots may I check out?

  • Only 1 checkout per household.


How long can I check out a hotspot for? Are they renewable? 

  • Hotspots have a two-week checkout period. If there are no reserves on the item, each hotspot has one renewal period--or an additional two weeks.
  • All hotspots can be reserved and renewed at the desk, over the phone, via email, or by signing into your account on our Catalog page.


Other things to know?

  • Cannot be used outside the U.S.
  • Must be returned to the main desk, NOT in dropbox. Hotspots returned in dropbox will be assessed for any damages. 
  • Borrowers and library staff will verify all accessories are there during check out and check in.
  • Do not leave hotspot outside, in a hot vehicle, or expose to moisture.
  • Do not remove SIM card.
  • If hotspot prompts you to update software, you may accept. 
  • We recommend leaving the hotspot plugged in--as the battery can go down fairly quickly.


Our full Hotspot Borrowing Policy with General Fines and Liability can be accessed here


Feel free to call us at (563) 659-5523 or email with any further questions!